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Springfield got a bit gritty Sunday night with an intro sequence storyboarded by street artist Banksy, who worked some of his trademark social commentary into the classic cartoon. Advertisements

The much anticipated exhibition of Takashi Murakami opens its doors at the famous Chateau de Versailles outside of Paris on September 14th. Today I can give you an early look at the fantastic exhbition, which mostly showcases sculptural work of the Japanese artist, including some old goodies and some all new pieces as well.

After several previews, announcements and teaser images I can finally show you a full clean image of the much anticipated Kaws designed Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket toys. The set will release tomorrow at Original Fake Tokyo and will later on be available through other Original Fake retailers. A larger vie

Jason Clay Lewis, an Oklahoma-born, New York-based artist, has generated considerable attention for his most recent sculpture, “Drill Baby.” Politically driven, the sculpture finds a baby tattooed with a fierce narrative inspired by the BP oil spills. The connections are thinly veiled… ships dripping black and religious iconography flipped into odes to big oil commerce. […]

Jetset Graffiti profiles Dabs and Myla, new faces on the LA street art scene, in this lovely video. The duo are also gearing up for an exhibition at ThinkSpace.

Todd James (a/k/a Reas) points us towards his new “Manchester vs Sao Paulo” campaign for Umbro. “Earlier this year I got a call from Kevin Lyons to designed these cartoon characters for Umbro representing Two little league soccer teams one from Manchester the other from Brazil. I animated them with Devin Flynn and they came […]