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It’s been doing the rounds in the U.S for a while now, packed with the Deluxe version of his new album, “My beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy.” The movie is influenced by film noir and concerns a fallen phoenix whom Kanye falls in love with. The short film debuted consecutively on VH1, MTV, and BET on October 23, 2010. […]

Springfield got a bit gritty Sunday night with an intro sequence storyboarded by street artist Banksy, who worked some of his trademark social commentary into the classic cartoon.

Todd James (a/k/a Reas) points us towards his new “Manchester vs Sao Paulo” campaign for Umbro. “Earlier this year I got a call from Kevin Lyons to designed these cartoon characters for Umbro representing Two little league soccer teams one from Manchester the other from Brazil. I animated them with Devin Flynn and they came […]

Stussy’s XXX Anniversary is a pretty big deal in the world of streetwear, a brand thats been around 30 years has a lot of history, and especially as a pioneer in an industry and culture. Stussy’s German Chapter presents this really good video encapsulating the feel of Stussy as a cultural entity even now in […]

10 years in the making, The GZA presents a first trailer of “Wu-Tang Revealed”, a documentary about the iconic hip hop pioneers. Here below you can check out a first trailer!

Ray Winstone talks about being hit by lightning as a child in UNKLE’s stunning new video. Director John Hillcoat, the man behind ‘The Road’, gives his take on UNKLE track ‘The Answer’ with this promo. Watch it here…